Professional advisers
of medical marketing

Egora company is specialized in consultancy of medical marketing and promotional marketing service.

Over 20 years of experience and knowledge of the real situation of the pharmaceutical and healthcare market in Poland allows us to move freely in the sector.

If you are considering entering the Polish market, we provide support in the organization and implementation of the entire process. However, if you are present on the market, it would be pleasure for us to organize promotion and marketing activities aimed at the medical community.

Marketing consulting

Product/brand launch
drug, OTC, medical device, food supplement

  • Analysis on market potential
  • Pre-marketing consultation among the authorities chosen from medical field
  • Competitive analysis
  • Recommendation of possible distribution channels (pharmacy, chain pharmacies, target of hospitals and clinics)
  • Verification of documentation relating to the registration or notification of products
  • Support the registration and post registration changes, pharmacovigilance
  • Recommendation of Distributor/ wholesalers in: warehousing, logistics, and sales of products

Promotional and marketing activities

  • Marketing strategy for newly launched products / brand
  • Marketing campaign for already existing products on the market
  • Scientific promotion addressed to the medical community through Medical Representatives (clinics, hospitals, hospital’s pharmacies)
  • Cooperation with associations, scientific societies and authorities from selected specialties
  • Representing the company / product / through participation in congresses and symposia
  • Preparation, monitoring and implementation of advertising campaigns in accordance with applicable pharmaceutical law:
    • television, press, radio, POS materials, PR, press, conferences, social media (Facebook, blogs)
    • scientific materials, reprints, gadgets


Develop graphic design for drugs, medical devices and food supplements product.

Translation of medical records.

Organization of scientific meetings, workshops and courses for medical environments.


Currently promoted
by the Medical Consultants
in hospitals and clinics.
Axura® 10 mg
film-coated tablets
Memantine hydrochloride

Hepa-Merz® 3000, 3 g/5 g

Hepa-Merz® 5 g/10 ml
infusion concentrate
Amantix® 100 mg
film-coated tablets
Amantadine sulphate

Amantix® 200 mg/500 ml
solution for infusion
Amantadine sulphate

Xeomin® 100 LD50 units
powder for solution for injection
Clostridium Botulinum neurotoxin type A (150 kD), free of complexing proteins

OTC and food supplements
Products promoted through
marketing tools such as: press, PR,
internet, social mediaand pharmacies,
BTL and ATL, 360 degree.


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Warszawa 00-759, ul. Kręta 3/16
phone: + 48 22 252 89 55